2015 Mint 400 Racer Feature – Prescott Racing

Off-Road racing is about family. You need a committed team if you are going to compete at any level and no one works harder to help you than your own blood. For the Prescott’s, off-road racing has become a family affair bringing Chip and his son Taylor, as well as his father Wade, all together via their shared passion for off-road racing.

When Chip Prescott approached Richard Glasczak, owner of RP Muffler, in 2012 wanting to race he had zero racing experience. Glasczak pointed him to John Cooley at Alumicraft Race Cars. At the time, Alumicraft had just built their first new 10 car, The Perfect 10. The car was design, built and tested and Chip bought it right then and there.

Cooley was hoping for an experienced driver who would be able to compete and prove the new car. When Cooley asked Chip how much racing experience he had he simply replied, “I’ve never raced anything in my life.”

Chip raced the HDRA Redline at Stateline the weekend after Cooley sold it to him and placed second in class. A year later, Chip earned three wins in Class 10, including The General Tire Mint 400.

Known as a true drivers class, Class 10 has become one of the most competitive in off-road. A 10 car has a limited motor but unlimited suspension. The class has been very popular in recent years due to its reasonable build and maintenance costs. The performance of vehicles and the speeds they reach put them at the top of the food chain of the limited classes.

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