Crawford Performance Subaru Crosstrek Class 5 Open


One of the greatest strengths of off-road desert racing is the amount of classes we have, and the idea of “Unlimited”. Basically if you can build it, chances are you can fit in an existing class. In some cases a class will be made for you. The idea of “Unlimited” allows for the dreamers to implement their crazy ideas, thus continually coming up with innovations and evolutions that continue to push the technology of off-road racing forward.


When you have a class like Class 5 unlimited it allows for some creative interpretation of the rules. The Grabowski’s took advantage of the leeway in Class 5 and enlisted the help of engine wizard Quirt Crawford to build this new stunning 2.5L Subaru boxer engine powered Subaru Crosstrek Class 5. If you are not familiar with Quirt Crawford he was the builder of Ken Block’s first two Gymkhana cars, the man is a master on squeezing maximum power out of the boxer engine while still keeping it reliable.


We are big fans of VW-powered classes but the use of the 2.5L Subaru boxer engine is clearly an evolution that could stimulate some growth in Class 5 without totally cannibalizing the roots of the class. This build has created some controversy…