Gymkhana Two: The Infomercial

The original Gymkhana project, dubbed “GK1″, has now become a cultural phenomenon. It has clocked in at well over 20 MILLION VIEWS, in over twenty different countries, making it one of the most successful automotive films in history. It has received accolades from media, fans and world-class drivers alike, and was picked as a 2008 Webby Awards Honoree. In the spring of 2009 Ken Block approached us about a follow-up film, to be titled “GK2″. His master plan was to launch the new DC Shoes Teamworks clothing line virally by creating “the worlds greatest infomercial”. We dedicated eight months to pre-production, location scouting, script and story boards, and finally settled on the Los Angeles Harbor for our location. Principal photography began in early May and lasted five solid (fourteen-hour) days. We assembled a fantastic crew of professional, seasoned cinematographers and alongside our in-house Mad Media crew, captured some truly magical and fantastic moments. Mad Media Director of TV/Film Production, Joshua Martelli, directed the mammoth undertaking, which included the oversight of both a principal ten-man (two-camera) RED crew, as well as a fourteen-man Phantom HD crew. In addition to producing the main GK2 film, we produced several key media pieces to promote it’s launch, including the initial GK2 “Teaser”, the GK2 “Build”, and the GK2 “Premiere Party”. Special thanks to Ken Block, DC Shoes, Subaru of America, Monster Energy and Crawford Performance.

The final Gymkhana Two viral film was launched June 1st on DC Shoes new Gymkhana Two website, as well as YouTube, where it garnered 400,000 views in less than twenty-four hours.

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