Patrick Dempsey heads to the The Mint 400 to battle Dax Shepard in a Zero One Car

Patrick Dempsey heads to the The Mint 400 to battle Dax Shepard in a Zero One Car

Zero One Named the Official “Arrive & Race” Class for the 2015 Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by General Tire


The Mint 400 has a rich history of celebrity racers competing in “The Great American Off-Road Race™”  including, Steve Mcqueen, Chuck Norris, and James Garner. Actor Patrick Dempsey, a respected road racer, will return to The Mint 400 after previously racing and winning his class in the 2013.  “There is something about the challenge of off-road racing that is unique and remarkable. The amount of variables and difficulty in just getting a finish are immense. I love the challenge and can’t wait to climb into the car,” said Dempsey.


Dax Shepard is no stranger to racing either. He competed in the “American LeMans Super Trofeo Series” earlier this year and is an avid off-roader and motorsports enthusiast. “I love motorsports and off-road racing. I’ve raced a Class 1 car and spent a lot of time in Glamis. The Mint 400 has always been one of those races I wanted to compete at. I am looking forward to the battle against the field, and the brutal course itself,”  commented Shepard.

Zero One Odysseys (a division of Zero One Odysseys) has been the official Mint 400 “arrive and race” partner for three consecutive years, hosting celebrity racers such as the Red Bull Signature Series host Sal Masekela and professional football player DeMarcus Ware to name a few. They have become the premier off-road adventure group in Las Vegas, Nevada and provide a unique opportunity to explore the silver state’s rarely traveled terrain, because of their responsible approach to the environment.  Zero One Odysseys has specialized in providing off-road enthusiasts with access to Nevada’s diverse terrain, and spacious beauty since 2007.


“Doing one of our Nevada Great Basin off-road tours is an epic adventure and racing in The Mint 400 takes it to a whole new level. Most people spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars getting to race The Mint.  Our “arrive and race” program makes it easy, safe and lets our clients concentrate on the parts that matter to them – driving, parties and winning (in whatever order they decide). Our drivers have fun, we handle the stress,” said Earl Desiderio of Zero One.

Zero One Odysseys is always looking for ways to cater to the untamed spirit in all of us.  With Zero One Racing, you can climb into a professionally maintained off-road race vehicle at The Mint 400 and run a worry free race.  Their professional staff prep and maintain the race car and give participants the thrill of a lifetime.


“Renting a Zero One car is a great way to get your feet wet with off-road racing. They do a great job of handling everything for you so you can just show up, race, and have a good time without the stress of trying to run your own program,” stated Joshua Martelli, COO of The Mint 400.

Zero One Racing operates The Mint 400 spec class.  It’s an even playing field and driver talent and strategy is the only advantage in the race.  Zero One Racing entries will enjoy special status with VIP access to the Miss Mint contest, pre and post parties, a drive down the Las Vegas Strip and a storyline in the Mad Media produced Mint 400 television show. Zero One alumni include actor Patrick Dempsey, Sal Masekela and DeMarcus Ware.

A Limited number of Zero One vehicles are available so make your reservations now!

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