Rigid Industries and “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin Break New Ground In Baja

Rigid Industries and “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin Break New Ground In Baja

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Rigid Industries is well known throughout the off-road industry for being the toughest most efficient LED offroad light manufacturer to ever step foot in the dirt. You can now add one more thing to the long list of
accomplishments achieved by Rigid Industries; proven.

With the help of Rigid Industries’ very own wheelman “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin, Rigid Industries became the first
LED light manufacturer to lead the way to a completely dominating Over All victory a the 2012 SCORE Baja
1000. Not only did Baldwin and Co-rider Johnny Nelson become the first to utilize LED technology down the
Baja peninsula, Baldwin and Nelson also became the first duo in the 45 year history of off-road racing to solo
the SCORE Baja 1000 (without driver change) and beat all other competitors after the 1,121 mile trek down
the Baja peninsula.








Baldwin would spend just over 20 hours of total race time in the Monster Energy Rigid Industries backed Trophy Truck and run at speeds upward of 125mph. As if trying set a fast enough pace to win the Baja 1000 wasn’t hard enough, BJ Baldwin and Co-rider Johnny Nelson would be forced to run 75% of their race in the dead of the night. Baldwin relied solely on the efficiency and durability of the Rigid Industries LED light technology and it paid off greatly.

“The Baja 1000 was once described as a 24-hour plane crash. With almost 80% of the race taking place while the sun is down, I would say it is better described as a 24-hour plane crash in the dark. The potential for a disastrous roll over happens every 15 seconds. It is very dangerous but that’s where Rigid Industries comes in to play. We run Rigid lights on our truck because they give us a competitive advantage. Simple as that. They are stronger, lighter, and they drastically increase visibility with their even beam of light that covers my whole field of vision. Without the help of Rigid Industries winning the 2012 Baja 1000 would have been much harder for us.”

“I just don’t use these lights, I believe in them. It’s a product that stands above the rest and now it’s proven that not only can it win the Baja 1000 Over All, but it can also do it for a great length of time”, Baldwin commented. Baldwin went on to say “I am proud to have the Rigid Industries name placed beside mine in the record books for off-road racing, it’s a feat that is nothing short of spectacular”.

Baldwin’s victory at the 2012 SCORE Baja 1000 would earn Rigid Industries and “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin the 2012 SCORE Trophy Truck Championship and further solidify the true meaning of “race proven technology”, you can add that one to the record books too while you’re at it.

About Rigid Industries:
Rigid Industries is the originator of LED high projection light bars and has been providing LED Lighting products and accessories since being founded in 2001. Customer service, as well as innovation, has always been a cornerstone of Rigid’s success. With the acquisition of Holder Off-road, Rigid Industries became the manufacturer of the E-series LED Light Bar, the brightest and most efficient LED light on the market. Rigid Industries now has design, customer service, sales and manufacturing all headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. For more information please visit www.RigidIndustries.com.

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