Roger Starkey wins 2015 Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by General Tire Limited Race by 1.5 seconds


Unofficial results put Class 10 racer Roger Starkey as the winner by 1.5 seconds over Chad Dohrman in another 10 car.

Unofficial Top Five
1. Roger Starkey
2. Chad Dohrman
3. Chip Prescott
4. Tim Brown
5. Todd Winslow

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“What a race!” Starkey said on the podium. “This is the second time we’ve run The Mint, but the first time we’ve won it. We started out in third and got out in front, so we only had to worry about someone catching up. It was unbelievable. The course was great…real fast…getting a little chewed up. It couldn’t be better.”

The Mint 400 “event” 2015

UTVs and other limited classes were still on the course when Starkey crossed the finish line. Starkey thanked his team and race organizers and reported his car had no flats and the engine was flawless.

Unofficial results have Starkey with the win in his 1067 car, followed by Dohrman 1.52 seconds behind in his 1025 car. Third was Chip Prescott, six seconds behind the leader in his 1032 car.

The Mint 400 “event” 2015

Unofficially, John Webster in the 1887 Unlimited Sportsman class won the limited class two lap race, followed by Paul Dallenbach in second 22 seconds behind in the 5569 Baja Challenge car. Rick Randall took third in the 1710 Jeepspeed class, 47 seconds behind the leader.

“We ran a clean race,” Dallenbach said. “Didn’t have any flats. Last year we just overdrove it and this year we finished.”

2951 Sportsman class winner Logan Goodall said “This was our third clean race in a row. We didn’t end up getting any flats along the way. The course was a little rough but we made it through and took first.”

The Mint 400 “event” 2015

Gary Willliams Jr. in the 5502 Baja Challenge class said “The race in the afternoon will be the roughest it’s ever been. Whomever wins this afternoon deserves to win.”

In the  7100 Sportsman class, winner Khris Kading split driving with Jason Prichard (who flew from London to race the truck, which Khris had been babysitting while Prichard was on active duty in the Air Force). Jason said “Khris drove an amazing first lap” using Prichard’s former daily driver, which they converted to a race truck and went on to win the class.

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