Street Prophetz

Urban street culture has transcended the ghettos of America and found its way to the malls and homes of Middle America. Why is this culture so powerful that it transcends race, economic and geographic boundaries? We allow you to formulate your own answer by interviewing the pillars of urban culture in their environment. Go underneath the “bling” to meet the prophets of street culture –the graffiti artists who use the city as their canvas, the skateboarders who turn everyday city fixtures into a useable playground, the b-boys, the MC’s who tell it like it is, the DJ’s who produce the rhythm of the street, and the poets who enlighten with knowledge.

Featuring: DJ Rob Swift (X-cutioners), Domino (Hieroglyphics) , Planet Asia (Cali Agents), Pep Love (Hieroglyphics), Architect (Producer), Satva Leung (Skateboarder/DJ), San Quinn (MC), Dave Mayhew (Skateboarder), Mear 1 (Graffitti Artist), DJ Sinista (DJ), ?uestlove (The Roots), Aloe Blacc (MC), Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Skateboarder), Brandon Turner (Skateboarder), Little Brother (Hip Hop Group), Carlos Bess (Producer), Zephyr (Graffiti Artist), Doze (Graffiti Artist), DJ Lord Sear (The funniest man in Hip-Hop), Afu-Ra + Perverted Monks (Hip Hop Group), DJ Green Lantern (Shady Records), King Britt (DJ), Bahamadia(MC), Dice Raw (MC), Zoo York Crew (Skateboarding), Adam Schatz, Rodney Smith, Eli Gesner, Harold Hunter (Skateboarder/Actor), Freedom (Graffiti Artist), Rodney Torres (Skateboarder), Roc Raida (X-cutioners), Teal Steal (B-Boy), Stevie Williams (Skateboarder), DJ Jam (Dog Pound), T. Eric Monroe (U.S.A Skateboard Association)

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