Vehicles of the Mint 400: Wilson Motorsports Class 12

This is a Class 12 off-road race vehicle, also known as a Class 1100 race car. It is a tried and true off-road platform that has ruled the limited class for over thirty years. The primary limiting factor of the car is the beam style front suspension, derived from the design of a VW bug. There are thirteen inches of travel in the front and nineteen inches in the back. The 128 horse power, four cylinder air cooled VW motor allows the driver to go as fast and as hard as possible through the relentless desert terrain. This class is not for the weak. It takes equal parts ripped in skill to drive these race cars and right now, five class 12 racers are battling across the hottest, roughest, most unforgiving stretch of Nevada desert there is. This is the 2013 General Tire Mint 400 presented by Polaris.

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