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Order your race gear now! Helemets, Suits and Restraints 

Jimco carries a full line of Impact Racing helmets from ultra-lite Carbon Fiber Air Draft OS20 to the budget minded 1320 Side Air. Helmets are race ready with pre-installed wiring and air port. Whatever your budget we have you covered with the very best protection for your head. You can order online or call us today to get outfitted for you and your team.

Jimco Introduces MOMO Camlock Restraints Purposely Built for Off-Road Racing 

August 12, 2019 – San Diego, CA With over two decades of experience designing and manufacturing motorsport safety equipment for the highest levels of racing, it is a natural fit for Jimco Racing CEO Robbie Pierce to not only improve the safety and performance of the race vehicles Jimco builds, but also the products used in them. 

As a Trophy Truck competitor and new owner of Jimco Racing, Robbie’s passion for desert and off-road racing creates a natural focus and desire for products specifically designed for the sport he loves. With this in mind, Pierce worked with MOMO to design a line of off-road specific restraints incorporating custom features such as an improved rotary camlock, faster integrated center-pull lap belts, and lightweight aluminum quick release adjusters.

“There are a lot of unique parallels in the legacy and history behind the Jimco and MOMO brands. Both companies were founded out of passion and both brands are synonymous with race-winning heritage,” said Jimco Racing owner, Robbie Pierce. “It was very exciting to work with a respected and notable company such as MOMO to design and develop these off-road specific restraints. We think of MOMO as an F1 and sportscar brand; however, the off-road vehicles of today are just as sophisticated and technology driven,” continued Pierce. “These are not just for Porsches and Ferraris anymore!”

Featuring center-pull integrated lap adjusters for widest range of adjustability, the lap belts also secure with an improved positive-action, low-profile camlock specifically constructed with ECI quick guides for easy connection. The MOMO and Jimco collaboration restraints are also constructed from polyester webbing which stretches less under load while the two-inch lap belt offers drivers improved pelvic containment resulting in reduced load transfer to the chest and tighter overall seat containment.  All restraints offer dual hardware options and include both clip-in and bolt-in mounting hardware withthree-bar-slide for a customized length.

Retailing for $349.90, the MOMO off-road restraints are exclusively offered through Jimco Racing and are currently in-stock and available for sale at Vegas to Reno or online at:

MOMO Camlock Belts Designed by Jimco Racing Features & Benefits:

  • 5-Point, 2-inch SFI 16.5 Rated Camlock 
  • Improved Camlock Mechanism with Enhanced Positive Lever Action
  • 2-Inch Lap Belts with Lightweight Integrated Center-Pull Adjusters 
  • CamAffixed to Anti-Sub for Faster Driver Changes
  • Lightweight Aluminum Active Speed Adjusters on Shoulder
  • Designed to Work with Any Frontal Head Restraint, including HANS® 
  • Dual Hardware – Clip-In & Bolt-In Ends Included

With hundreds of wins and 23 Chassis Builder of the Year awards, Jimco Racing continues the tradition as the worldwide leader in off-road race car manufacturing and race preparation.

Specializing in chassis design and development since 1975, Jimco’s custom handcrafted racecars are highly regarded for innovation and attention to detail.  Additional services offered include parts sales, race team logistics as well as arrive and drive rental programs.

Jimco Introduces the new “MAXIMUS” Trophy Truck

The distillation of over 40 years of off-road warfare has created the new Jimco “Maximus” Unlimited Trophy Truck. The pinnacle of off-road racing performance, the “Maximus” can take on the brutality of the desert at speeds excess of 145 mph, a feat that makes them truly the most remarkable vehicles on the planet. The Gen 3 Jimco “Maximus” features a complete re engineered CAD verified chassis design, The platform is a perfect balance between technology and what actually works in the extremities of off-road battle including the vehicles amazing suspension, 26 inches of wheel travel in the front and 34 inches in the back! Many technologies are implemented in off-road racing and most fail. The Maximus stays right on the cutting edge while still being extremely reliable. As the late off-road legend Rod Hall stated “You must first finish to finish first!”

Race Vehicle Prep

Interested in purchasing a vehicle but don’t want to hassle with vehicle prep and repair in between races? Jimco offers a full vehicle prep and repair program to take the guesswork out of off-road racing. Our facility includes a full-time staff of highly experienced fabricators, mechanics, and engineers that can keep your Jimco vehicle in top shape and ready to go for racing and testing.

With plenty of dedicated storage, Jimco can prep and maintain your racecar under the watchful eye of the team that built it. Let us take the stress out of your vehicle prep.