Shop Tour: Chenowth Legacy Lodge Museum

At this point in time, Chenowth vehicles need no introduction. During the ‘70s, Chenowth vehicles dominated everything, winning all the Baja races as well as the legendary Mickey Thompson Stadium Series. They have been sold by the thousands all around the world. Over 25,000 Chenowth vehicles were made and sold during the companies lifespan.

In 2019, Lynn Chenowth was inducted into the Off-Road Hall of Fame for pioneering the first mass-produced off-road chassis which included some of the best suspension designs of that era. Now retired, Lynn came up with the idea of creating a boutique-style hotel including a museum and bar that features some of the biggest successes of Chenowth’s history. Basically, a living timeline of the history of Chenowth. The Chenowth Legacy Lodge sits on the warm beaches of the Sea of Cortez in Percebú. just 30 minutes south of San Felipe in Baja California, Mexico.

The hotel is currently under construction and about 60% complete and museum is complete and open. With over 10 individual cars, some of which are still raced today in special events like NORRA, it is a stunning visual celebration of one of the greatest eras of off-road racing. You can go see the vehicles used by legendary drivers such as Roger Mears or Ivan Stewart and Chenowth built military vehicles and dune buggies.

The Chenowth Legacy Lodge Museum is a must for any true off-roader. For those who can’t make it: