Mint 400 Jerky available at all merchandise booths at The Mint 400

For the second consecutive year, Stay Classy Meats – a Montana-based direct to consumer Ecommerce retailer of bison, elk, beef, chicken, pork and fish – will serve as the Official Meat Sponsor of the BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400. High-quality Stay Classy Meats will be cooked up by Michelin Star Chef Drew Deckman inside VIP and will be available to racers looking to feed their teams in the pits, while fans can sample Stay Classy Meats during the Mint 400 Off-Road Festival on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. New in 2020, The Mint 400 will have their own Stay Classy Meats jerky available at Mint 400 merch stands on both Fremont Street and the Mint 400 Start/Finish Line Midway.

Stay Classy Meats is a Montana based wholesale meat and jerky distributor of bison, elk, cattle and other free-range animals – your local Montana farmer’s market open 24/7. They work with small batch ranchers, farmers and processors to provide the cleanest, most nutritious proteins available – shipped direct to your door. No hormones. No antibiotics. EVER.

Stay Classy Meats was born out of the idea of offering real food to a group of people who feel the same towards the meat they are eating. It is about making a Montana-style farmers market available at your front door and sharing this high-quality meat with those who do not have access.

“I am a huge foodie and it’s important for me to know exactly where my food comes from. Stay Classy Meats avoids the use of antibiotics and takes excellent care of their animals. A superior product, without a doubt, is the result of that. It not only tastes better but it’s better for you. I am stoked to be able to share their product with our VIP’s, Dinner of Champions guests and race teams,” commented Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli.

This year’s Mint 400 will take place from March 3-8 in Las Vegas. More information on the event for racers and spectators is available at, or follow the event on Facebook and Instagram. For more information on Stay Classy Meats, visit
Lastly, For more information on Stay Classy Meats and/or for inquiries on special Mint 400 offers, visit

About Stay Classy Meats

Founded in 2018, Stay Classy Meats was created to supply high quality proteins from small-batch ranches and processors in and around Montana to people around the United States. We offer top quality, nutritious, and clean proteins sourced from a sustainable environment with plenty of renewable water and nutrient-rich grasses. We work directly with ranchers who have small herds and utilize small processors to keep the quality high. The animals live healthy (no hormones, no antibiotics) and happy lives with minimal stress. They are finished on site and transported to the processor resulting in low food miles. Nutrient-rich protein is important as this will provide us all with the proper nutrition for our body to function like it should, efficiently and optimally. We strive to create a positive social impact in rural communities around Montana to help continue small batch ranching practices. Stay Classy Meats is your direct-from-the-source 24/7, 365 day-a-year online farmer’s market for the best proteins on the planet! Check out our subscriptions and save on your meat when you set up to get a box every month at

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