Chasing the 2014 Baja 1000 for Polaris RZR

Most people don’t realize that the first part of chasing the Baja 1000 is making the commitment to drive 3,000 miles in a few days. We film and chase for over 28 hrs straight trading off for brief moments of sleep while barreling down the Baja peninsula. The race itself is a massive logistical challenge, but shooting it is like documenting a 36 hour plane crash.


At this years race we were covering the UTV class which has grown into the third largest class overall. We had six crews, three on the top half of the peninsula and three on the bottom half including ground shooters, drone shooters, full size heli, and still photography shooters.


mad_media_chasing_baja_1000_tacoma mad-media-chasing-baja-1000-2

We shot for 36 hours straight while driving 1500 miles down the Baja peninsula.


The upside is we did not hurry back!

The Baja 1000 is the most grueling, challenging and brutal off-road race that UTV racers will face all year. The 2014 course consisted of 1275 miles of the most challenging terrain in Baja.

Follow along as 20 UTVs take on this insane race course and battle the famed Baja 1000!