Gymkhana Practice

Mad Media is proud to present our work with Ken Block and DC Shoes on the Gymkhana project. Filmed in the fall of 2008, this original Gymkhana clip was posted early October, and has received a staggering 20 MILLION views worldwide.
Mad Media produces content with some of the brightest and most talented automotive athletes in the US, and Ken Block is no exception. Ken approached us in early 2008 with the idea of co-producing a viral web film that would showcase his driving skills on tarmac, and put the sport of Gymkhana (pronounced “jim•ka•nah”) on the map here in the US. We worked with Ken over the course of 6 months to develop his idea into a practical shot list, and secured the El Toro Marine Base for location shooting. After two days of intense filming, and several weeks of editing, we delivered the final Gymkhana Viral Web Film. Within four weeks of going live the clip was viewed over ten million times, making it one of the most popular automotive web films ever. Mad Media is actively working on Ken’s behalf to distribute the film to key sponsors, television shows, and additional media outlets.

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Special thanks to Ken Block and DC Shoes for their support.

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

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