Mad Media and the VIR Phantom HD Camera

Mad Media Director of TV/Film Production Joshua Martelli has just completed training on the VIR Phantom HD Camera at Abel Cine Tech in Burbank, California.
Abel’s Phantom Training Seminar is a one-day, intensive workshop on all aspects of the high-speed digital cinema camera. Software, production and post solutions are covered, and the class is taught to a small group to allow for hands-on learning. Joshua completed the training as part of pre-production planning for an upcoming shoot with several high-profile automotive clients.

“Our focus within the film and television division of Mad Media this year is to bridge the gap between the event based HD production work we currently execute, and the needs of our clients to develop national advertising commercial projects, in a challenging economic environment.”, said Martelli. “We recognize that the tools available to us for acquisition are getting better by the day, and the Phantom camera offers some fantastic in-camera possibilities. We are excited to include it as a key element in the our arsenal of production gear.”

The Phantom HD, from Vision Research, combines the visual quality of HD imaging with the high frame rates of specialty cameras. It accomplishes this with 4 megapixel resolution, frame rates in excess of 1,000 frames-per-second, shutter control to 1/500,000 of a second, 42-bit color and 35mm depth-of-field at either HD or 2K resolutions.

“There have been many commercial projects shot on Phantom cameras that came out stunning. Obviously because of the sheer speed at which it records, it’s perfect for a crisp slow motion shot that needs to showcase the articulation of a subject, such as water drops, pyrotechnic elements, or stunts. Because we execute creative projects in action sports and automotive markets, we are constantly documenting “once in a lifetime” events that include elements of danger, skill, and are sometimes literally death defying. Several of our clients have expressed interest in capturing these projects at high speed to really showcase the complexity of what they are doing. We’re excited about the possibilities the Phantom allows for creatively.” said Joshua.

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