Mad Media Produces Exclusive Viral Video Content for Codemasters DiRT 2 Video Game

This summer Mad Media produced exclusive viral video content for the worldwide video game developer and publisher Codemasters. Following up on their smash hit “Colin McRae’s DiRT”, Codemasters released “DiRT 2” this September to hordes of excited fans. DiRT 2 features an exhilarating off-road racing experience, powered by the third generation of Codemasters’ EGO™ Engine tech. It’s packed with thrilling new race types, big event atmosphere, stunning locations, and a peerless line-up of super-charged speed machines.

The new DiRT title features Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, Ken Block and Tanner Faust, who have gained notoriety here in North America as superstars of the Rally America race series, and have appeared in Mad Media’s viral films showcasing the Subaru Rally Team USA for the past five years.

“We met with Ken Block and Codemasters earlier this year and discussed how the game was going to evolve into something much bigger than just rally and off-road racing,” said Joshua Martelli, Director of TV/Film Production at Mad Media. “It became clear right away that Codemasters needed help producing engaging, branded content to explain Ken’s involvement in the game, as well as hype the new features in the game, such as X-Games Super Special stages. So we scoured our existing library of rally and off-road footage, and began producing and shooting important promotional films for them about Ken and these new features.”

Mad Media produced six viral films for Codemasters, as well as an exclusive Colin McRae memorial tribute video that appears in-game. Mad Media video assets were also used to create the interactive menus for DiRT 2. Then as the games release date approached, Mad Media produced a custom DiRT 2 / DC Shoes promotional DVD that was awarded to those who pre-ordered the DiRT 2 title from local “Game Stop” stores.

“DiRT 2 is an amazing piece of work – and in many ways speaks to the new generation of racing fans in a way that most titles don’t,” commented Mad Media Creative Director, Matt Martelli. “The design and layout of the game, and the game-play itself were very well executed – the best we’ve seen. So it was a real treat to have our cinematography and editing work  – which we work very hard to produce – alongside such a clean and professional title.”