Mad Media Wednesdays: GoPro Mayhem!

We love POV cameras, especially GoPro’s! You can put these little suckers in the sketchiest spots imaginable. We gathered up all of our best off-road and drift GoPro shots from the past year and slapped them together in this one-minute barrage of video insanity. Special thanks to the boys at GoPro for helping us capture pure carnage. Visit to find out more about these marvels of media madness.

Directed by The Martelli Brothers – Produced by Mad Media
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Song Info:
‘Here We Go’ – the opening track to Bassnectar’s ‘Timestretch” release is a full throttle throw-back to the crowd-crushing hype of U.K. drum & bass – but with a twist. The beat hits at half-time like a tidal wave of blistering lazer synths doing the forbidden dance inside your ears. (Includes exclusive vocals by Ranking Joe!)
Visit to purchase ‘Timestretch’ – a five-track roller coaster ride through the amusement park of amorphous bass music.
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