Maxxis Tires – Chris Forsberg, 2009 Formula Drift Champion

With its demand for skill and split-second timing, drifting presents huge challenges for drivers. For grassroots drifters, who must outfit their vehicles without major sponsorship, the sports challenges are even greater.

A strong supporter of grassroots drifting, Maxxis has a message of encouragement for those drivers in a new YouTube video. Narrated by 2009 Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg, the video tells a bit of the drivers compelling story. Forsberg recounts how he started in the sport without the advantages of wealth or motorsports connections, noting that his MA-Z1 Drift tires helped him along the way. Forsberg can be seen putting his tires to the test in the videos action sequences, which feature thrilling slides to the edge of the track.

Offering unparalleled quality and control, MA-Z1 Drifts are the choice of the best drivers in the sport, including Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck, the top two Formula Drift drivers for 2009. Maxxis has also sponsored the drivers chosen as the series Driver of the Year for the past three years, who rode to the winners circle on MA-Z1 Drifts.

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