Media Provides HD Cinematography for Harley Davidson H-D INK Clothing Spot

Media Provides HD Cinematography for Harley Davidson’s H-D INK Clothing Spot

Earlier this summer Mad Media cinematographers provided principal photography for a Harley Davidson commercial highlighting their new clothing line, dubbed “H-D INK”. Shot on location in Los Angeles, the Mad Media crew worked directly with Harley’s advertising agency Carmichael Lynch to develop and document the viral ad that showcases Harley’s new brand of apparel. The H-D INK clothing line features art inked by tattoo master from around the world, and is designed to appeal to both young and old.

“We’ve worked with Carmichael Lynch on a number of campaigns, including the Subaru WRX spots we shot this year, so it was great to get the call to assist with photography on the new Harley H-D Ink campaign. This particular product line, as well as the new Harley bikes that are tailored for the younger 18-35 demographic, fit our style of creative production work particularly well.” commented Joshua Martelli, Director of TV/Film Production at Mad Media. “Our job was to produce a good collection of authentic night-life images that could be tied together in post, as well as capture some of the scenic settings that LA affords.”

Mad Media opted for the portability, ease of use, and off-speed shooting capabilities of the Panasonic HPX500 cameras for the shoot. “It was important for us to be able to move quickly through each set-up and work both hand-held and on sticks, because we had a tight schedule and needed both interior and exterior shots.” said Milan Spasic, Mad Media’s DP for the shoot. “We used a lot of radical focus pulls, whip pans, and quick pushes/pulls so that the kinetic energy of the night-life scene would be accurately portrayed. It was basically a more seasoned and professional ‘shakey cam’ feeling combined with attention to the product, and Carmichael did a great job of following through on the post side to execute the final creative look.”

The new H-D Ink video went live on Harley’s site mid-summer, and is integrated into a beautifully crafted Flash based website that also features a photo gallery of the new product line and links to shop for H-D Ink products.

Check it out here to check out the video.