Monster Energy – 2009 TORC Off-Road Championship, Crandon,WI – Part 1

Monster Energy Presents exclusive coverage of the 2009 Fall Crandon TORC Off-Road Championship. Featuring Monster athletes Rick Huseman, Johnny Greaves, Casey Currie, Jeremy McGrath, and Keith Steele. Get an in depth look at what makes this track so special, why it is both feared and loved. Massive crowds come every year to watch the intense off-road racing including the infamous landrush start. Meet Johnny Greaves, the most winningest short course off-road racer on the planet. Watch his dramatic battle including a violent roll ending in flames upside down! See the massive crash in the Pro-4 class in turn one at over 100mph! Visit for more exclusive short coarse / TORC videos as well as profile videos on the athletes and their vehicles!

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