Sébastien Loeb Attacks Pikes Peak

Sébastien-Loeb-pikes-peak_mad-media_03As young kids, the legendary Pikes Peak race was one of the races that originally drew us to motorsports. Watching the spectacular coverage on ABC’s Wild World of Sports was a magical window into the one of the most incredible races on the planet. Later observing Ari Vatanen attack the mountain in his Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 GR with four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering in the famous film by Jean Louis Mourey “Climb Dance” had a huge impact on our filmmaking style.

The film highlighted the contrast between the serenity of the mountain and the violence of race car spitting gravel as it tried to conquer “El Capitán” to become “King of the Mountain.”

When we were asked by Red Bull to document Sébastien Loeb’s attempt to best the overall record we were thrilled! We put a 12-man crew on the mountain and documented Loeb’s record breaking run.

We cut and posted the entire POV (GoPro) run to the RedBull website in less than an hour – resulting in millions of online views worldwide. After the event, we produced an epic one-hour Red Bull special for NBC primetime highlighting the entire story behind Loeb and his teammate (and competitor) Rhys Millen.

Loeb shattered the nine-minute barrier with a time of 08:13.878