You don’t just jump on a skateboard and bluntslide a 15 stair handrail. It takes years of practice and punishment to your body. Slammed shows the world how much abuse you have to go through to make a living as an action sports athlete. Hear the stories behind some of the hardest slams. Surfing pipeline with a giant wave behind and less than 2 feet of water between you and razor sharp coral reef can only be attempted by few people in the world. One missed landing backflipping a motorcycle over a gap means broken bones for sure. Broken bones, busted teeth, fractured ribs, bruised hips, bleeding elbows, and cracked skulls, these guys risk life and limb every day to do what they love. Pain is universal.

Featuring: Rick Thorne (BMX), Dave Mayhew (Skateboarder), Tyler “The Dead King” King (FMX), Kristian Svitak (Skateboarder), Randy “Goose” Welch (Surfer), Eric Mchenry (Surfer), Josh Sleigh (Surfer), Matt Archibold (Surfer), Neal Mims (Skateboarder), Chris Lambert (Skateboarder), Jesse Merle Jones (Surfer), Josh Hieno (BMX), Nate Adams (FMX), Brian Conely (Surfer), Todd Richards (Snowboarder), Jake Brown (Skateboarder) and more……

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