Youth culture maverick Carter Gibbs joins Mad Media

Carter Gibbs joins Mad Media with a massive wealth of experience including apparel design and manufacturing, brand development and management, athlete development and management and creative direction. Carter comes to Mad Media after 2 years as a CEO and partner at Sinister Brand clothing, where he elevated the brand to one of the strongest brands in mixed martial arts and helped establish them as a multi-sport brand. Carter has been involved with the birth and growth of such brands such as SMP, SRH, Split Clothing, and Sinister Brand.

“Carter is the Malcolm McLaren of action sports culture. He has literally been at the center of tipping points in action sports, music and fashion on the west coast for over twenty years. He has been working with us on an ongoing project basis for several years. I am excited to have him as a part of our DNA full-time. Carter has a variety of strengths that can only be properly utilized in a multidiscipline environment,” stated Mad Media founder Matt Martelli. Carter’s duties at Mad Media will include creative direction, brand management, and athlete activation.

Carter has already jumped right in, working on creative for two national TV spots as well as several branding projects. Carter will also be heading up athlete activation at Mad Media. “I am thrilled to be working in an environment that reinforces creativity and vision. Mad Media has always been a second home, no matter where or what I was working on. I am also excited to be at an organization that understands the value of athletes and how to properly activate around them,” stated the enthusiastic Carter Gibbs.

Mad Media is a San Diego based multi-disciplinary youth marketing agency that provides print, web, identity, photography, television and film services to action sports, motor sports, MMA and youth culture focused companies. Their client list includes Subaru of America, DC Shoes, General Tire, Redbull, Baldwin Motorsports, and Bad Boy International. For a complete list of services and examples of their work visit: